Why Doxinate

  • Over the past 3 decades, Doxinate has come to be recognised by the medical community as the

    medication of choice for NVP

    . Within 25 years of its launch, it had been prescribed to over 33 million women.

  • Doxinate’s vitamin B6 and antihistamine combination has been widely studied for use during pregnancy. It has been included in 25 epidemiological studies involving more than 200,000 women as well as 2 meta-analyses, all of which have confirmed its safety for pregnant women.

  • Doxinate was the only product to score an ‘A’ - the highest safety rating - in Briggs’ Reference Guide to fetal and neonatal risk.

  • Doxinate’s delayed-release formula and dosage schedule provides 24-hour

    control over NVP symptoms

    . This prevents the condition from progressing to hyperemesis gravidarum. When administered at an early stage, Doxinate effectively alleviates NVP symptoms and improves the patient’s quality of life.