How To Overcome The Vomit Sensation While Travelling

How To Overcome The Vomit Sensation While Travelling?

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Are you feeling nauseated, dizzy, or uncomfortable while travelling? Then, probably you may be experiencing travel/motion sickness. This sickness is usually caused by the sensory confusion that is created between your eyes and inner ears. Your eyes and ears get conflicting signals about the movement that is going on around you, and thus motion sickness can affect anyone while travelling in any type of moving vehicle.

It is easier to prevent motion/travel sickness than dealing with its symptoms. To know more about how to overcome the vomit sensation while travelling, let us dive in more through this write-up:

  • Don’t travel on an empty stomach – Do you know, travelling on an empty stomach makes you more vulnerable to motion sickness. So, it is recommended to eat something light 45-60 minutes before you actually travel. You can opt for a small amount of peanut butter, eat some crackers, etc., to help settle your stomach before making a move towards travelling. This way you can also feel less likely to vomit.

  • Continue to eat light and bland foods during your journey – While travelling, eat light snacks every few hours to help your stomach stay light and not full. It is recommended to opt for bland or low in fat foods, in comparison to greasy or spicy foods which can trigger nausea. So, it is best to avoid greasy foods before and during your trip. Likewise, it is also recommended to avoid alcohol, which acts as a diuretic and may lead to dehydration.

  • Choose your sitting position wisely – Did you know that your sitting position can make a lot of difference in controlling your vomit sensation. It is very important to get a seat where you will feel a bit better about motion sickness. Decide your seat when you are travelling in:

    • Car – Sit in the passenger seat rather than the back seat.
    • Train – Sit towards the front, next to a window and face towards the forward direction that the train is travelling.
    • Bus/Train – If they have 2 compartment levels, then sit on the lower level.
    • Ship – Always aim for a cabin that is roughly at water level and near the middle of the ship.
    • Aeroplane – Sit in the middle of the aircraft, i.e., over the front of either wing.

  • Avoid reading while travelling – If you are prone to motion sickness and are sitting forward facing towards the seat, then it is recommended to avoid reading while travelling. Instead, you can focus your gaze on the horizon, like looking at a street sign or a mountain.

If you are feeling dizzy while scrolling through your phone, then put your phone down and look at a certain distance. This way you can reduce the sensory input by lying down.

  • Put on a wristband – You can combat nausea caused by travel sickness, by wearing a wristband that tends to apply pressure on a specific spot on your wrist that is Pericardium 6 point. If you are not having a wristband, then you can press your wrist with your opposite hand’s thumb.

  • Get some fresh air – Travel sickness can make you feel hot and sweaty. So, breathing in some fresh air can help you feel better. If you want to stay away from seasickness, then stand outside on the deck of the boat, in the cold fresh air for a few minutes.

  • Consume ginger – Many studies have proven that ginger is efficient in controlling motion sickness. Whether you are eating a piece of candied ginger, swallowing a ginger root capsule, or drinking ginger ale, this spice is your best ally to relieve you from motion sickness. You can also consume peppermint candy or mint gum to help quell motion sickness because it eases your digestion process.

  • Take proper medication – According to CDC guidelines, antihistamine medications can cause drowsiness when trying to combat motion sickness. So, in that case, you can try some of the OTC (Over-the-Counter) medications or even those medications prescribed by a doctor can help treat motion sickness whenever the suffering is severe.


Remember to tell yourself that you’ll be okay and you should always relax as much as possible to help yourself stand firmly to alleviate or even control motion/travel sickness.