What are Ayurvedic Medicines for Motion Sickness?

What are Ayurvedic Medicines for Motion Sickness?

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Whether it is a long drive in the car or hangover, motion sickness can creep in anytime. The feeling of nausea and vomiting can ruin your best moments and can bind you to a bed. Unfortunately, modern medicines do not help much in providing relief with motion/travel sickness.

Ayurveda has safe, natural, and effective ways to treat problems related to motion sickness. It treats nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and any other stomach related problems. Ayurvedic medicine offers various holistic solutions that work in treating travel/motion sickness related problems.

Let us discuss some of the best ayurvedic medications that can help treat motion sickness.

Vomiteb Tab

The vomiteb tablet is an ayurvedic based proprietary medicine that acts as an antinauseant and antiemetic. This tablet is very useful in treating vomiting, nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, and other problems.

Ingredients such as Shati, Shunthi, and Ela have been used to suppress the vomiting centre in the brain. The Vomiteb tablet helps protect the gastric mucosa and suppresses gastrointestinal reflux. This medicine is safe and effective and can also be used by pregnant women to curb their nausea and vomiting.

AP Granules

AP Granules is another Ayurvedic formulation that helps treat vomiting, nausea, and motion sickness. It is also effective in curing dyspepsia and hyperacidity and also acts as a great digestive stimulant. AP Granules is an acid neutralizer and heals ulcers.

This ayurvedic medicine helps combat motion sickness and nausea. It also helps relieve flatulence and belching. It is a clinically proven medicine that is safe and effective. AP Granules also treat Hyperacidity, Gastric ulcer, and Oesophagitis.

However, these medicines are recommended to use only after a doctor’s consultation. Some of the ayurvedic home remedies to treat travel sickness are:

  • Ginger – One of the most effective and easily available natural ingredients at home, which helps fight travel sickness. Ginger contains an active ingredient called ‘gingerol’ which effectively treats vomiting, nausea, and fatigue. Ginger is also loaded with other essential vitamins that help replenish your body with lost vitamins. You can have ginger in the form of dried capsules, candy, powder, or even sip on ginger-infused tea raw if you want.

  • Practice acupressure – Whenever you are facing an emergency, acupressure can provide great relief. For this, you need to identify a raised or a bumpy part just below your wrist and press with your middle or index finger over it for up to 30 seconds. This remedy can help you get rid of any sickness and also cuts down on your nausea.

  • Eat at least a portion of your meal before you go outside – If you think that eating while travelling can make you puke, think again. It is always advisable to eat something healthy before you leave outside. Because an empty stomach can make you more prone to travel sickness and may lead to throwing up. Instead of heavy meals, go for small filling meals.

  • Aromatherapy – One of the greatest ideas to curb travel sickness is by carrying your favourite perfume or essential oils while on a trip. Not only do they smell nice, but they also help in stimulating vital senses that keep you distracted from the motion caused due to motion sickness. So, sniff on the perfume which acts as an easy remedy to treat your motion sickness. Consider fragrances like lavender, cardamom, peppermint, and even fennel.

  • Gulp on ice – If you are stuck in the situation of motion sickness and not finding any other remedy to soothe, then sucking on ice cubes can help you feel relieved from the queasy and giddy feeling.

  • Herbal teas – Caffeine overdose can sometimes make you feel anxious and upset your stomach. So, sipping on herbal teas or concoctions can relieve your troubled tummy.

Another great option that can help relieve your motion sickness is drinking apple juice. If you are experiencing motion sickness frequently, then drink this juice the next time before you go out. It can help prevent throwing up.

  • Other additional things you can follow –  Apart from the above discussed handy tricks, you can also make changes while you are travelling. By sitting in the front or middle seat, keeping your vision straight, in between getting some fresh air or simply stretching every once in a while can help reduce the chances of getting motion sickness. You can also try to reduce your screen time if you are more prone to getting sick.

  • Doxinate – G – To overcome motion sickness, you can also try out another medication referred to as Doxinate-G. These tablets are a combination of Doxylamine, Vitamin B6, and Ginger. This tablet is prescribed to treat nausea, vomiting during conditions such as motion sickness or pregnancy.


So, travel sickness can be managed with the help of medications or remedies that are discussed-above.